Laura Fygi

The Lady Wants To Know - Laura Fygi
The Lady Wants To Know
Laura Fygi
The Lady Wants To Know
Laura Fygi
Laura Fygi is part of a new generation of vocalists that follow in the footsteps of legendary stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Julie London. As a young girl Laura takes piano lessons, performs in school musicals and school plays and sings background vocals. She lives in Uruguay for a number of years, where she falls in love with South American music and jazz. After her return to Holland, her professional career slowly but surely takes off. She joins a number of pop acts, some more successful than others, but finally decides to pursue a solo career.

In 1991, she releases her jazzy solo debut Introducing. It becomes an instant success and Laura even wins an Edison award (Dutch Grammy). Internationally, the album is received well too. It enters the American Billboard Jazz charts and is very successful in Japan. It is followed in ’92 by Bewitched, featuring tracks from the likes of Nat King Cole, two years later followed by The Lady Wants To Know, which has a more Brazilian feel to it. Laura Fygi again and again surprises her fans by her choice of repertoire.

On Turn Out The Lamplight (’95) she covers modern pop tracks from singers such as Paul Simon, Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder, whereas follow-up Watch What Happens (’97) contains works of the renowned French composer Michel Legrand, who arranges and orchestrates the songs especially for her. Legrand is also a special guest at her amazing concert with the famous Metropole Orchestra at the Amsterdam Carré Theater in 1998. The show is recorded and broadcast in the U.S. by the American TV station PBS. In Holland the show is broadcast by the TROS and the album Live is released. Late ’99 Laura releases The Latin Touch, on which she returns to her Latin American roots once again. In 2001 she releases Change, a personal album with jazzy, easy listening pop songs, based on Laura’s personal memories.

Laura Fygi's latest album "Live at Ronnie Scott’s" is an exceptional album because of its intimate atmosphere and legendary location. ‘The great thing about this CD is that it has that particular live feel to it, as if you are there in the bar,’ says Laura. Contrary to Asia and Brazil, where she sells a large number of albums and tours regularly, she is not very well known in the UK yet. However, the reaction of the audience was extremely positive. After the show she was showered with compliments and requests to come back for more shows. ‘It is very hard to make it in the UK as a foreign artist; it is not easy to enter the market. But during my shows at Ronnie Scott’s, I felt completely accepted. Besides, it felt great to perform in a small club again, to go back to basics,’ says Laura. And that is exactly why this CD is a valuable addition to her impressive and diverse repertoire. It proves once again that Laura Fygi is an all-round artist, who feels at home in both spectacularly produced shows and in a smoky jazz café in London.
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