Thomas Dybdahl

A huge talent in his homeland, Norway’s Thomas Dybdahl is a star in waiting…possessor of a unique and expressive voice together with a multitude of awards, Dybdahl is set to relinquish his ‘undiscovered gem’ tag with a new album entitled ‘What’s Left Is Forever’ out September 16th on Strange Cargo / UMGI, set to bring wider acclaim to an untapped talent.
Having gained a growing worldwide reputation for his expressive and bewitching songs of love and loss, the forthcoming new album sees Thomas begin his collaboration with legendary Grammy Award winning producer and musician Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell). As Klein himself says of the recording in LA and Norway; “I can't remember ever being more excited about an album than I am about the release of this one…it made me a different person”.
Recorded in Los Angeles and Norway with Klein at the helm and a truly veritable supporting cast of musicians; from drummer Jay Bellerose (Bob Dylan, Primal Scream), keyboards courtesy of Jamie Muhoberac (Biffy Clyro, Rolling Stones, My Chemical Romance) and strings provided by Vince Mendosa (Joni Mitchell, Bjork) .
Dybdahl’s distinctive voice has already gained him huge praise in the UK with the NME declaring him as “Norway’s answer to Nick Drake” and Q Magazine hailing Dybdahl “one of the most talented singer-songwriters”. A diverse array of artistic collaborations fill Dybdahl’s trajectory. From fronting multi-platinum band The National Bank, to working with world renowned photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino (Madonna, David Bowie, Björk) and designer Phillipe Starck, self-confessed Dybdahl fan who created the artwork for Dybdahl’s previous works. Starck not only cites Dybdahl as his muse, but still never fails to catch him when playing live, both in Starck’s native France and further afield.
Dybdahl has conjured up a collection of songs from the almost ethereal through to the more upbeat, all the while providing a captivating backdrop that sparkles with beauty. Soundscapes for a new generation underpinned with seemingly effortless prowess. Future single ‘Man On A Wire’ comes in all breathy vocals before surging into an up-tempo chorus that aligns itself with the likes of The Blue Nile and Bon Iver. Elsewhere ‘Soulsister’ evolves from a simple instrumental beginning into one of the stunning highlights of the album.
‘But We Did’, the first foray into the album, features a breath-taking video , created by Norwegian director Arild Ostin Ommundsen with whom Dybdahl collaborated with on the film ‘Eventyrland’ - and saw a recent Bafta nomination for Dybdahl for his soundtrack to the movie. The film stars well known actress Silje Salomonsen, who also moonlights as a member of Dybdahl’s band. The resultant video and stunning cinematography provides a wonderful introduction to the world of Thomas Dybdahl and brings on side a new legion of fans.
These thirteen tracks assembled by Dybdahl unveil an album that provides more discoveries with every listen. There’s no doubt it’s time to sit up and listen to one of the most captivating voices you will hear.
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